#3DPrinting: An Introduction to 3D Printing

May 22nd marks the one year anniversary of when I ordered my very own 3D printer. It’s been an interesting love-hate relationship to say the least; it even included its own ‘Ross-and-Rachel’ break! But through all the frustrations and headaches, it’s been an amazing and educational journey. And since this is a big milestone for me, I decided to share that journey with you through this multi-part series I call: #3DPrinting.

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Why Are Websites Looking Like Each Other So Much Nowadays?

Web design has come a long way since the launch of the World Wide Web (Who even calls it that nowadays?). I remember a time when the coolest websites around meant scrolling through pages of Comic Sans text with a tiled or neon bright background while listening to some low quality MIDI song in the background. (Did you know the Space Jam website is still fully functional? Check it out here.)

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Hashtag This, Hashtag That. Optimizing Hashtags for Growing Brands

Social sharing is everything on the internet

  • We share the delicious meal we’re about to eat with friends who couldn’t make it.
  • We show off that amazing new thing we just bought or did to our supportive friends.
  • We squeeze our friends close together cheek to cheek for an epic selfie in some far-off place.

With each new picture or video clip, we’re quick to caption it, slap some hashtags on it, and post it online for others to see.

But why do we use hashtags? Are we looking to reach out to the millions of people on the Internet to connect with others of similar interests? Or are we looking to grow as a brand and gain a stronger social presence in our market? If you’re looking to expand your social reach to the right audience, you’ll need to know how to use hashtags effectively.

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